[Keynote Address] The Next Frontier: Using AI-Driven Innovation to Bridge the Human-Machine Divide
11:00 AM - 11:35 AM (EDT)

Opening keynote by Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Deputy CEO at Smart Eye. Rana will share the possibility of AI to redefine our customers’ relationships with technology, to truly make their digital experiences emotional, inclusive, and more human. The keynote will give a moonshot look of how technology is, and will be, capable of connecting us as humans, thus transforming how we interact with each other. Rana will share this vision in a concrete way that connects each future vision to today’s capabilities, and will address the business case for making the leap to Emotion AI (and what exactly it is), and other innovative technology — that can drive progress in industry and progress in human connection through digital technologies.

Attendees will start a day that is focused on culture, insights, experimentation, and finding the ROI of these, with this keynote that is both visionary and real, that is both futuristic and providing tangible (and intentional) business takeaways that can be applied today.

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