Future CX - Blending Physical & Digital Experiences

From online to in app, to in warehouse to in person. Are you ready to meet your customers where they are? Learn from the CX leaders at DX Summit ‘22.

Digital Experience Summit Virtual Conference: October 26-27, 2022

Today’s businesses navigate many customer channels and interactions. Think, mobile apps, websites, social media platforms and brick and mortar stores. Evolving customer demands, disruption and proliferating channels highlight the need for organizations to create flexible and futureproof customer experiences.

Topics will include:

  • Building Customer Journeys that Seamlessly Blend Physical and Digital CX
  • Reimagine Your Customer Experience for a World of AR, VR and Mixed Reality
  • Using Analytics and Personalization to Create Customized, Real-Time Predictions
  • The Chatbot Query: Is Your AI Asking the Right Questions?
  • Enhanced Visibility with Dashboarding: Trends & Metrics in Customer Data
  • Creating New Customer Data Strategies to Futureproof your CX

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