Virtual Conference Series

Digital Experience Summit 2022

Future CX - Blending Physical & Digital Experiences


Hear from Industry Experts

Tony Byrne
Tony Byrne
Real Story Group

John List
John List
Chief Economist

Helen Papagiannis
Helen Papagiannis
Augmented Human

2022 Conference Series

Customer Experience Strategies for an Accelerated Reality

  • CX strategy and marketing priorities for 2022
  • Customer listening and expanded Voice of Customer 
  • Contact center optimization using AI and predictive analytics
  • CX strategy, CDPs and the customer conundrum
  • Data privacy v. personalization: first-party data, cookies 
  • Game-changing solutions: composable DXP, low-code and more


How Great Organizations Empower Customer Experience Teams

  • Cultivating Operational Agility: Leadership, Culture and How New Tech Like Headless, Composable/MACH and Low Code Change the Game
  • Modern Customer Journey Tools & Practices for Deep Empathy and Team Alignment
  • Customer Data Management for Employee Empowerment & Intelligent Experiences
  • Operationalizing Voice of the Customer and Empowering the Frontline
  • The Human Factor: Blending AI, Insights and Conversations to Solve Customer Pains


NextGen Customer Service Excellence

  • Call Center Innovation – Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Prescriptive Analytics and More
  • Voice of the Customer Best Practices – Operationalizing VoC Across Customer Touch and Service Points
  • The Omnichannel Conundrum – Leveraging Customer Data and Personalization in a Privacy Conscious World
  • Human vs Bots – Balancing Self Service, Conversational AI/ML and RPA with Human Touch
  • Hybrid & Remote Call Centers – Lessons Learned from 2020 to 2022


Future CX - Blending Physical & Digital Experiences


  • Building Customer Journeys that Seamlessly Blend Physical and Digital CX
  • Reimagine Your Customer Experience for a World of AR, VR and Mixed Reality
  • Using Analytics and Personalization to Create Customized, Real-Time Predictions
  • The Chatbot Query: Is Your AI Asking the Right Questions?
  • Enhanced Visibility with Dashboarding: Trends & Metrics in Customer Data
  • Creating New Customer Data Strategies to Futureproof your CX


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