Full Name
Gavin Fabian
Job Title
Chief Product Officer
HST Pathways
Speaker Bio
Gavin founded Casetabs in 2014 and led the company as CEO as it reinvented the way surgeries are coordinated. Recognizing the need for surgery centers to increase efficiency and case volume through better remote communication, Casetabs developed a central hub for sharing case information and updates between surgeons, anesthesiologists, clinical staff, office staff, and vendor reps. During his seven years at the helm of Casetabs, the company grew exponentially to serve more than 800 ASCs, 3,000 physician practices, and 15 hospitals.
Prior to founding Casetabs, Gavin was the founder of MedPassage, a Denver-based software company focused on building digital healthcare innovations. In 2014, MedPassage was acquired by Evolution Capital Management. Gavin’s introduction to the healthcare sector was as a product manager for XLIF implants at NuVasive.
Gavin holds a BA from Princeton University.
Gavin Fabian