[Keynote Address] The Art of Partnering to Innovate the Digital Experience
3:10 PM - 3:45 PM (EDT)

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP & GM at Intel, leads a team of 5,000 that is responsible for $80B in sales.  Michelle uniquely stands at the crossroads of what computing technology can do and how the most innovative developer partners are creating today’s cutting-edge applications with those technologies.  Addressing virtually every industry from aerospace to agriculture, Michelle listens to and enables thousands of incredible partners to create digital experiences that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Join Michelle as she shares three tips to sparking innovation that creates sustained value during – and beyond – times of crisis.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The customer listening differentiator
  • Innovation, iteration, measurement and communication
  • Business’ diversity imperative
Session Type
Main Stage